Yoga Sutra, optimal deepening of meditation

Yoga Sutra

The Yoga Sutra was compiled by Patanjali. It is not quite sure if he is the author, but he wrote down his ideas about yoga. This includes how to interact properly.

The Yoga Sutra gives good guidance on how to deepen meditation. Practice meditation from best Yoga School in Rishikesh.

The Yoga Sutra (literal thread), state in a clear short sentence what is meant. This makes it easy to remember the essentials. The Yoga Sutra gives good tools for deepening meditation.

The Yoga Sutra is again divided into four chapters (also called quarters, pada).

The 4 chapters of the Yoga Sutra


Chapter 1, Samadhi Pada: The chapter where you get to know yourself. Concentration is discussed. This chapter also discusses what yoga actually is. What is the foundation, the process, and what are the goals? In the process, the mind is completely immersed in meditation. Make sure your conscience is not colored, empty your mind. This is the best way to happiness.

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Chapter 2, Sadhana Pada: Why practice yoga. To be emotionally, physically and mentally ready to practice yoga. This chapter is also called “action.” This is achieved by following the eightfold path (Ashtanga) of Raja Yoga.

  1. Yama. One should not use violence, truth is important, one should not steal, one should control oneself, and one should renounce one’s possessions.
  2. Niyama. You must be clean, contentment and sobriety are central. Looking at yourself critically and surrendering to God is important.
  3. Asana. These are the exercises of yoga.
  4. Pranayama. The breathing to more life energy.
  5. Pratyahara. Control of the senses.
  6. Dharana. Concentration.
  7. Dhyana. Meditation.
  8. Samadhi. The ultimate goal of yoga. Bliss. This is where you surrender completely.

Chapter 3, Vibuti Pada: The moment you start practicing the higher form of yoga, you gradually become skilled at it. you learn to concentrate, the mind becomes calmer, you learn to control yourself.

Chapter 4, Kaivalya Pada: Dare to let go of all the things you may be attached to. Total Liberation.


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