Yoga exercises for the neck and shoulders

Yoga exercises for the neck and shoulders

Yoga exercises for the neck and shoulders are a great way to release or reduce tension in these areas. We’ve talked before about what yoga course in Rishikesh can do for back pain. These days, many people suffer from tension in all of these areas. This can be due to stressful situations, but also because many people have sedentary office jobs.

Since tension may have crept in over a long period of time, it is possible that your posture has gradually changed. For example, hunched shoulders or a tense neck. Your head may often be tilted downward. At the same time, you may sit in the same incorrect posture for a long time in an office job.

In the long run, it is even possible that the entire posture changes towards the negative. This is also where the pain complaints that have been acquired in the meantime begin to play a major role. In addition, with prolonged tension, the discomfort can spread to the upper back and chest.

The mountain pose as a yoga exercise for neck and shoulders

The mountain pose can be a good yoga exercise to regain proper posture. In this exercise, you are fully stretched. In the mountain pose, you are standing firmly on the ground with both legs under your hips. Your back is straight.

Your shoulders are down and slightly back. You are fully stretched and know the correct posture to use in everyday life.

Other yoga exercises for neck and shoulders are:

  • Salabhasana
  • Balasana
  • Setu Bandhasana
  • Upward Dog Pose
  • The Fish Pose
  • The shoulder pose

Yoga exercises for neck and shoulders

When doing yoga exercises for neck and shoulders, it is important that you do the exercises correctly. Otherwise, you can only get more discomfort. That’s why we want to do an hour of yoga exercises for neck and shoulders with you. The video will give you a good instruction on how to reduce or fight neck and shoulder pain.

We think it is important to introduce you to yoga exercises for neck and shoulders that can help you avoid neck and shoulder pain. As we have written before, a sedentary office job is not optimal for your body.

Apart from the fact that regular breaks with exercise are highly recommended, the yoga exercises are good to perform after a day at the desk. These exercises also specifically target the back and neck.

How often should you do yoga exercises for neck and shoulders?

You may be wondering how often you should do yoga exercises for neck and shoulders to keep your neck and shoulders free from discomfort.

This is different for everyone.

It also depends on your lifestyle. If you really squat at the computer a lot, you’re more likely to develop symptoms in the long run. Once you have them, they usually come back more quickly.

In this case, you need to pay constant attention to your posture. Regular yoga exercises for your neck and shoulders can go a long way here.

Of course, this also depends on your body type. Some people are more prone to neck and shoulder pain than others. These people benefit from more yoga exercises for neck and shoulders.

The most important thing is to listen to your body. Are you suffering, feeling tense or completely stuck? Then it certainly can’t hurt to do some yoga exercises for your neck and shoulders on a regular basis.

You can’t get on the yoga mat too often. So do the exercises as often as you need to and keep listening to your body!

We’d love to hear from you if these exercises have worked for you.

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