Kids yoga in the classroom

Yoga in the classroom

Children’s yoga in the classroom, is it possible? I often hear this question from teachers. Partly because the teachers themselves don’t know where to start, but also because they don’t think they can fit it into their daily routine.

But does kids’ yoga in the classroom really take up that much time? Or might it actually save you time? Today, teachers have to stick to overcrowded schedules. But is just getting on with it the right approach? Below, we’d like to tell you why you SHOULD start doing Kidsyoga in the classroom!

5 Benefits of Kidsyoga in the Classroom

1, Kidsyoga in the classroom has several benefits. During busy, stressful times, kids can take a moment for themselves. They can be themselves for a time without having to compete with others. They learn to appreciate themselves for who they are and discover their own qualities.

2. children learn to relax. Children become calmer and less likely to feel the power of other stimuli around them that can make them restless.

3. children’s yoga in the classroom creates respect for themselves and others. Norms and values are very important. This will have a positive effect on the atmosphere.

4. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of time at all. In fact, you can get more effective time in return!

With short exercises of a few minutes that focus on breathing, for example, you can already give children a better sense of self-worth.

Better concentration, renewed energy and calmness are the result. This leads to better performance. You may lose a few minutes of class time, but you get twice as many effective minutes in return. And last but not least, the children themselves feel better.

5. children’s yoga responds to children’s perceptions, children have fun. This stimulates the child’s creativity. A creativity that in today’s world, unfortunately, can sometimes be forgotten because of all the busyness.

How to offer children’s yoga in the classroom optimally

Especially for teachers who do not practice yoga themselves, it is often difficult to offer children’s yoga in the classroom.

Fortunately, there are numerous materials that teachers can use to get started with kids’ yoga in the classroom in a fun and low-threshold way.

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