Benefits of Yoga for the Elderly

Is yoga suitable for older people?

Is yoga suitable for older people? Absolutely! After all, yoga is known for keeping muscles and joints supple. Older people are also perfectly capable of taking a (possibly customized) yoga class. In fact, it is very good to do or even start doing yoga even as you age.

It is also quite possible for older people with possible disabilities to attend yoga classes. There are various aids such as yoga blocks, meditation cushions or you can do the exercises from a chair.

Would you like to know what yoga can do for older people? And what benefits does it bring? Then read on below quickly!

6 Benefits of Yoga for the Elderly

Yoga for the elderly has several benefits. We have listed some of them for you:

1. You learn to breathe more deeply: Elderly people often suffer from shortness of breath, they breathe too often. You can prevent this by letting the breathing take place in the abdomen. This so-called abdominal breathing, or possibly total breathing, ensures optimal use of the entire lung capacity. As a result, more oxygen enters the blood, you feel more energetic and less restless.

2. Concentration: Through meditation or other exercises (such as eye exercises), you practice concentration. Finally, you are better able to focus on yourself or on a specific point. In this way, you give yourself direction and learn to ignore internal or external distractions.

3. You become emotionally calmer: Younger people often focus their gaze outward, while older people tend to focus inward. Yoga helps you become more aware of your body. Control your emotions. The older among us may suffer from emotional tension or have experienced a violent emotional event (in the past).

4. Yoga provides relaxation: Through various yoga exercises, you will learn to reduce restlessness, stress and tension in your body. You learn to relax completely, which reduces or eliminates blockages in your body. Muscle tension is reduced, making you feel more comfortable in your skin. It also positively stimulates your flexibility.

5. It stimulates blood circulation: Various yoga exercises (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama) get the blood flowing in your body. You also get more oxygen in your blood. This stimulates the blood circulation. This creates more energy, blockages are reduced or even combated. Think heart problems, high blood pressure or breathing problems.

6. Stability: You will learn to improve stability through the various asanas. Think of balance exercises or grounding on two legs in different asanas. In this way, you will learn good posture and feel more stable.

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