tips for yoga during menstruation

Tips for yoga during menstruation

Yoga during menstruation, am I doing the right thing or not? Can yoga help me with my symptoms or can it make them worse?

Menstruation is different for every woman. During menstruation, the body and mind are out of balance. There are women who experience a lot of discomforts, while others suffer much less.

Nevertheless, there are some general points that are important when practicing yoga during menstruation. We would like to list them for you!

What should I pay attention to when practicing yoga during menstruation?

There are many recommendations from various yoga movements for yoga during menstruation. We believe that the general recommendations below are very important.

For example, it is recommended to rest. Especially during the first 3 days of menstruation. Since menstruation is different for every woman, it is especially important to listen to the needs of your own body.

The body is being cleansed, so also make sure that your body is disturbed as little as possible during this process. Relaxation, healthy eating, and not forcing yourself will have a positive effect on your body.

Do you still want to do yoga postures? Then it is very important that you listen to yourself. It is also said that an inverted posture during menstruation can lead to heavier bleeding. We do not share this opinion but believe that you look at your own abilities.

However, these postures require a lot of control and strain on the body. During menstruation, performance may be somewhat less easy. If you lose control or overexert yourself, it is important to get out of the posture.

Torsional movements can also be very taxing on the body. Again, be mindful of your options, and you can also take a break during this time.

5 Tips for Yoga during Menstruation

The following tips for doing yoga during menstruation have a very positive effect.

1. Total yoga breathing. Think of deep inhalation and exhalation through the nose. Bhastrika breathing, on the other hand, is not recommended. Instead of relaxing yoga breathing, it releases a tremendous explosion of energy here.

2. Various meditation exercises will help you find peace and relaxation within yourself. Good, easy-to-implement examples can be found in our article on Meditation for Beginners.

3. Use aids when doing yoga exercises to release tension in your abdomen and back. Consider a pillow in the back, a meditation cushion, or a pillow between the abdomen and thighs.

4. Make use of total relaxation. In doing so, go down all parts of the body from the toes to the top of the head and relax them one by one. While doing this, make sure that you lie straight and do not get cold.

For more relaxation exercises, see our earlier article on yoga relaxation exercises.

5. Perform relaxing yoga exercises. For good examples, refer you to this website with illustrative examples.


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